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Ciervo aegialian scarab beetle
Aegialia concinna


U.S.A. Species of Concern

Life History

The Ciervo aegialian scarab beetle (Aegialia concinna) is a tiny, flightless beetle that lives only in loose sands such as sand dunes. Little is known about its specific life history traits and habitat. In general, beetles of the Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Aphodiinae eat dung and other decaying organic materials. Most adults tunnel and form a dung ball underground for larvae. Larvae live in soil or sand, feeding on organic materials or plant roots. The Ciervo aegialian scarab beetle has been associated with Delta and inland dune systems and sandy substrates; however, plant associations specific to this species have not been reported.

Similar to the other sensitive species, fragmentation, degradation, and loss of habitat have been the primary factors in the decline of this beetle. Dune systems in the San Joaquin Valley have been destroyed or severely degraded by agricultural development, flood control, water management, and off-road vehicle use. The suitable habitat for the Ciervo aegialian scarab beetle is very limited and highly fragmented, and as a result, its populations are locally isolated and are highly vulnerable to disturbances.


Ciervo aegialian scarab beetles are only known from four localities in Contra Costa, Fresno, San Benito, and San Joaquin counties.


Order COLEOPTERA, Family SCARABAEIDAE, Subfamily APHODIINAE, Tribe AEGIALIINI, Genus Aegialia, Species concinna



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Gordon, R. D., and O. L. Cartwright. 1988. North American representatives of the tribe Aegialiini (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Smithsonia Publ. Zool. 461:1-37; White, R. E. 1983. A field guide to the beetles of North America. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, MA, 368 pp.; Gordon, R. D., and O. L. Cartwright. 1977. Four new species of Aegialia (s. str.) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from California and Nevada sand dunes. J. Washington Acad. Sci. 67:342-48.


3.25-4.0 mm (0.13-0.16 inch)
1.70-2.0 mm (0.07-0.08 inch)


The small size, pale color, and slender, smooth hind legs distinguish the Ciervo aegialian scarab beetle from others in the same genus.

Authors of Profile

C. D. Johnson, G. W. Colliver, and N. L. Brown

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