This trial represents Emily Magill's second year of Masters research (a description of the first year's research is available here. The same three planting methods that were compared in the initial Planting Techniques Trial (imprinting, drilling, and broadcasting) were used here. Seven California native species were planted as monocultures. Included were the four species that had been used in the first year's trial (Atriplex polycarpa, Hemizonia pungens Phacelia ciliata, and Suaeda moquinii), and two additional species (Grindelia camporum and Layia glandulosa).

Plot size was approximately 3.7 m by 7.6 m (12 ft by 25 ft); each treatment was replicated 5 times (a total of 90 plots). As with the first year's experiment, data collected included photosynthetic rate, biomass (above- and below-ground), water stress, and vegetation percent cover.

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