Land Retirement Demonstration Project

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Photo of vegetation monitoring.
Former LRDP coordinator Michelle Selmon conducting vegetation monitoring.

Photo of the imprinter.
Seeding experimental plots with an imprinter.

Restoration Research


During the course of the Demonstration Project, ESRP conducted a variety of restoration trials and undertook restoration of portions of the Tranquillity property. Additionally, various strategies were practiced on portions of the property. A list of the restoration trials is presented below; highlighted links lead to a brief description of the trial. Descriptions and results for many of the trials have been presented in a series of Annual Reports (you can access the reports here).

Catalog of Restoration Research

2000-01 Growing Season

2001-02 Growing Season

2002-03 Growing Season

2003-04 Growing Season

2004-05 Growing Season

2005-06 Growing Season

Page last updated: August 5, 2009

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