The Status of Native Seed Sources in the Western San Joaquin Valley (California)

- N.P. Ritter, P.A. Kelly, and S.E. Phillips (ESRP 2005)

Presentation posted online: 12/22/2005; last updated: 1/9/2006

This online PowerPoint Presentation is based on a talk given at the 2005 SERCAL Annual Conference (Ritter, N.P., C.E. Uptain, and P.A. Kelly. 2005. The Potential for Using Locally-collected Seed in San Joaquin Valley Restoration. SERCAL 12th Annual Conference. Bass Lake, CA).

The slides presented here are equivalent to those presented at SERCAL, with the exception that all animated effects have been removed. We have not attempted to exactly duplicate the spoken commentary that accompanied the slides at the SERCAL presentation. However we have added comments to some slides (positioned to the left of the slide) in order to emphasize particular points.

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