The Status of Native Seed Sources in the Western San Joaquin Valley (California)

- N.P Ritter, P.A. Kelly, and S.E. Phillips

Natural Communities

The San Joaquin Valley, including the Tulare Basin, is an area of approximately 40,000 km2 (16,000 m2) south of the San Joaquin/Sacramento Delta between the California Coast ranges and the Sierra Nevada. Prior to the settlement of the Valley by peoples of European ancestry and culture, it contained a vast mosaic of upland and freshwater ecosystems which supported a diverse collection of species, including many endemic to the region.

The Image and description for this slide were taken from: Phillips, S.E., P.A. Kelly, and D.F. Williams. 2005. Landscape Change in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Pre-European Settlement to 2000.


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